Does adding more vinegar to a marinade depend on the size of the steak or the amount of spices put on a marinade?

Recipe called for 2 tblsp brown vinegar for a kg steak. Added other spices to the marinade.

I only used 1/2kg steak but I used the same spice amount stated for the 1kg marinade. The marinade tastes pungent and I'm thinking I used to much vinegar? I just used the same quantities for the 1kg steak.

Now I'm thinking that I should have kepd the spices the same quantities but should have proportioned my vinegar for the half kg steak...therefore use 1 tblsp?

Sabeeha Dawood
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1 Comment

Nancy April 21, 2020
Short answer is amount of vinegar needed in marinade is variable and yes can be adjusted for size of meat or amount of spice.
Given that, I'd marinate the steak on the shorter time range specified because the extra vinegar will work to break down fibers - you want some of that, but not extreme amount.
No harm done.
And for more info, see:
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