Safe to use pancake batter in a pizzelle iron?

My mother went out and bought a pizzelle maker (long story). I've always been a sourdough baker, so the thought of combining these two intrigues me somewhat. I'm thinking of trying my sourdough pancakes in the iron, but I read on another site that it would "fudge up the pizzelle press". I'm wiling to test it as long as it isn't going to damage a $50 piece of equipment, so has anyone tried this?



Tina M. May 8, 2016
I just tried "Belgian Waffle Mix" in my iron to get the stuff out of the cupboard, and it was a really bad idea. The amount of leavening was way too much, the batter foamed up all over the sides of the iron, and it gave me a chewy disk, (think really thick crepe), instead of a cookie. I'm not a novice Pizzelle cook, I've made them for weddings and bridal showers, and for gifts at Christmas. From scratch is best.
ChefOno May 17, 2012

Does the press have a non-stick coating? If so, I don't see how you could go wrong. Brush on a tiny bit of oil (*not* spray oil) and give it a try.

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