I was all was all set to make shellfish stock today, but I have just discovered no white wine in the house! Any substitution suggestions?

I have some lovely spot prawn shells, so I was thinking of making Judy Roger's fish fumet recipe from The Zuni Cafe Cookbook. The stock would be used for a variation of her cod chowder recipe, which includes saffron, orange,and fennel. I'd like to use a liquid that will not overpower the delicate flavor of the prawn shells. I do have in my pantry Lillet wine, dry sherry, many different kiinds of micro-brewery beers. Any thoughts if any of these liquids would make an acceptable substitute or should I just save making this recipe for another day? Many wine stores near me are closed on Sundays, so wine shopping today is not really an option. :)



bigpan May 20, 2012
White dry vermouth (standard part of a decent martini), or white port (hard to find but worth having as it isn't as sweet as tawny or ruby).
Also, follow the recipe and put a splash of brandy in at the end.
cookinginvictoria May 20, 2012
Dea, thanks so much for your answer, but alas I do not have any vermouth in the house either.
Dea H. May 20, 2012
If any of your beer are dry beers, I would try to use them in a pinch. I have also been known to add a glug of cognac if all I had was a sweeter wine. I don't think Lillet would work because it has quinine.
Dea H. May 20, 2012
Dry vermouth works really well.
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