I have several cups of cooked sauerkraut left over from a rather large open-bake choucroute I made the other day (sauerkraut + fresh cabbage + apples + caramelized onions + white wine + cider, baked with garlicky sausages and a smoked turkey thigh , plus the usual herbs and spices). I once saw a recipe for a soup to which you add sauerkraut toward the end of the cooking time. Do you have, or can you direct me to, such a recipe, in which my leftover sauerkraut might be a good addition? Thank you. ;o)



Mr_Vittles November 19, 2010
I vote for that Reuben soup. Damn that looks tasty! *Drools*
Kayb November 19, 2010
Oh, MAN! That Reuben Chowder looks like a keeper! Got to try that, soon!
Food O. November 18, 2010
How about some Reuben Chowder: http://foododelmundo.com/2010/03/17/reuben-chowder/
Nora November 18, 2010
Soup sounds wonderful.

Or throw it at the Twitter people. Oops. Did I say that out loud?
stinkycheese November 18, 2010
There's a sauerkraut and bean soup that is a staple in my (Yugoslav) family. It sounds like you have a nice flavor base so you could probably just add some good chicken stock and cooked white beans or kidney beans and simmer.
Soozll November 18, 2010
I think you could add it to a Russian Cabbage Soup. In fact, I've thought of doing that several times myself, I just didn't have the kraut at the time. Basically it's a French onion soup like base with chunks of brisket, cabbage, celery, carrots and a few raisins. Your meats would sub nicely for the brisket, the apples for the raisins. To my mind, the sauerkraut is a perfect addition added a few minutes before the end of cooking. I don't have a written recipe, I riffed it "au pif" from my favorite soup, at a restaurant. There are some recipes online, just google!
betteirene November 18, 2010
Here's two recipes to get you started--take what you want out of each of them and make up your own version, which I just know will be great. I usually do a bone-in smoked ham slice or ham hocks and short ribs.


aargersi November 18, 2010
I have an idea, not a recipe - but I think if you were making a borscht type soup that plopping some sauerkraut in would be great! Naked Beet's borscht is wonderful ... I think that adding your skraut would work. You could sneak a ham hock in there too ...
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