Food/Recipes resources for the visually impaired

I have a friend with 45% vision. She's looking for good cooking resources. Any recommendations?

Kitchen Butterfly


Kitchen B. May 28, 2012
Thanks a lot. My friend has lost most of the vision in one eye and can barely see through the other - she can distinguish forms and shapes but not any detail! I'll ask her about chopping vegetables and also your other points - safety versus regular recipe info, I appreciate it - cheers.
lloreen May 25, 2012
My brother is blind and does some limited cooking. I don't know of any good cookbooks written specifically for the blind but she might be able to get audio cookbook through Recordings for the Blind. In terms of technique, a lot of people rely on the George Forman grill because it is very unlikely that you will burn yourself by accident. I am not sure what 45 percent vision means in terms of practicalities - can she see well enough to chop safely? There are a lot of devices that help with chopping vegetables safely. Is she looking for tips on how to cook safely with low vision or for accessible regular recipe info? If the latter, apparently a lot of visually impaired people are using the iPad with voice to read now.
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