To dine at Momofuku, but which one?

I'm in New York City in June :-) and would love to dine at one of the Momofuku restaurants. Any recommendations? Considerations would be ease of getting a seat/table at lunch - just so I can eat my way to dinner.....Thanks

Kitchen Butterfly


Kitchen B. May 28, 2012
Thank Pierino - I've been looking for good reasons not to indulge myself by subscribing the Lucky Peach magazine. Momofuku (the book) was the first cookbook I read cover to cover and I am a bit in love with David Chang. Just for the food. Honest:-)
pierino May 28, 2012
And if you really want to go nuts start subscribing to Lucky Peach. It's a quarterly publication and totally the product of the criminal mind of David Chang, who has now perhaps surpassed Keller as the most important chef in America.
Kitchen B. May 28, 2012
Thank you very much! I will put it on my list and if I can get a slice of Crack the Milk Bar, boy will I be in heaven! Thanks a lot
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I agree... Ssam Bar blew my mind.
Brette W. May 25, 2012
I say Ssam Bar -- it's the original Momofuku, and they have an awesome duck lunch. The Milk Bar is right across the street for dessert, and their bar, Booker and Dax, is right next door. Noodle Bar is also great, but if you're just doing one Ssam Bar!
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