Can you freeze risotto and heat it up at a later date to eat?



Mr_Vittles November 19, 2010
Here's what you need to do, parcook the risotto, so that it is only half cooked, then portion it into what vessel/size you want. Freeze. When you're hungry, allow to unfreeze in the fridge and finish it on the stove as you would have to begin with, by adding hot stock in small quantities.
innoabrd November 19, 2010
I don't know, pierino. I think frozen rice is no worse a substitute for real food than twitter is for real communication. Standards. It's all a matter of standards...
pierino November 18, 2010
Don't even think about freezing it. Rice does not freeze well. However, risotto cakes fried in oil, from your day old risotto can be pretty damn good. Two days in the fridge might be okay but I wouldn't go too far beyond that.
mrslarkin November 18, 2010
I think so. I would defrost, then heat gently in a pot and add some broth to loosen. Stir in a touch of cream before serving.
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