Making Corn Tortillas

I really want to try my hand at making my own corn tortillas. From what I've seen/heard, I think it's very doable. The one thing I am lacking is a tortilla press. Is this essential? Or could I use the back of frying pans or some other similar jerry-rigging to press the tortillas? Any success without a press?



lapadia May 30, 2012
Pictured using cling wrap and a pie plate:
I have a tortilla press, use it less.
TheFritschKitchen May 30, 2012
thanks!! they're on the to-do list for this weekend!
petitbleu May 30, 2012
I've made them using plastic wrap and a cast iron skillet. Sandwich the dough between the plastic and press down with the skillet. But I agree with aargersi: once you've made them from scratch, you'll fall in love with them, and they're easy to make, especially with a tortilla press.
aargersi May 30, 2012
I have a tortilla press and I will say this - after the first time you make them and find out how incredible they are home made, you will want to do it often, and you will want to make a lot of them, and then you might think about a press. But try it without first. Couple tips - you want the pan (I use a 24" mondo iron skillet) piping hot. We like to squeeze a lime into the masa mixture alonmg with a good pinch of salt. And - better the mixture err on the side of a teeny bit too wet than crumbly.

Good luck! You are going to LOVE them!
ChefOno May 30, 2012

Variation on the theme: Two pieces of ClingWrap and a glass pie plate.

No need for a press really. Try both these suggestions before you commit to another piece of kitchen clutter.
HalfPint May 30, 2012
The tortilla press is not essential, though if you're making alot, it's much easier with the press. You can use a rolling pin, just put the masa in between 2 pieces of heavy plastic (Ziploc freezer bags pretty good for this) and then roll out. I do this even with a tortilla press and I've seen taquerias do this too.
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