Does kitchen twine do alright in hot oil?

I know that it can take a pretty high temperature in the oven,but I wondered if it would react in a different way with hot oil. I worry that it might leave an unpleasant smell. If anyone could save me a quart of oil, I would appreciate it.



Sam1148 May 30, 2012
One thing to remember is always get pure cotton twine and not something that has synthetics in the fibers. It should be fine deep fried.
Rachel S. May 30, 2012
Just curious, what are you making?
Droplet May 30, 2012
Would like to try something along the lines of chimichangas and would like them to be more chubby than flat, which tells me I'd need to tie them
ChefOno May 30, 2012

Let me put it this way: It's common practice when browning chickens and roasts.

Benny May 30, 2012
I've never done it, however some friends of mine like to fry turkeys. They use cotton twine to tie it up and fry the turkeys with the twine on. I don't know if it altered the flavor/smell in anyway. Depending on what you are frying, I would say if you are looking at a relatively short cooking time, you will be fine.
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