Collard rollups

Looking for ideas for collard rolls. Went to a party that had collard rolls about 2 - 3 inches long with what appeared to be julienned vegetables. Really good but can't find anything close to it.



SKK May 31, 2012
The wonderful thing about collard rolls is that you can put anything in them. Here is the basic recipe I use
Thistle May 31, 2012
I love them too. It's popular as a street food in Thailand (called 'miang kum') but I have only found them in a few Thai restaurants around the U.S. You can just dice up some fresh ginger, cashews or peanuts, toasted coconut, bits of lime with the rind, red onions, grated carrots, and cucumber and put whatever chutney or sauce you like with it and roll it all up.
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