Is it possible to make goat or sheeps mozzarella...Do you know if it tastes good? My twin daughters recently were diagnosed lactose intolerant but...

... they love cheese

Recipe question for: Mozzarella


Garlic F. June 5, 2012
I've had excellent sheep milk mozzarella. susan g is right in that you need to make sure they can tolerate lactose even in non-cow milk. Also, the skimmer the milk, the more lactose it contains compared to full fat milk.
susan G. June 5, 2012
Be sure that they will be able to tolerate non-cow's milks. If they can't it would be double disappointing. Can they use lactase enzyme tablets? When my kids were little we'd pass them around the table when we went out for pizza -- worked for us.
SKK June 5, 2012
I love goat cheese mozzarella. Ricki Carrol is a wonderful cheese maker and has wonderful supplies and books. Here is a recipe she has for goat cheese mozzarella, along with a link to her web-site.
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