Fun Fair Bake Sale

What are people making for their children's school end of the year fun fair bake sales?



SACJACMOMMY June 8, 2012
Chips- top with graham cracker squares!!! Big hit'. May need to refrigerate to harden chocolate up
SACJACMOMMY June 8, 2012
1/2 sheet Tray lined with parchment of Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate brownies (Costco or supermarket). Bake 325 for 31-33 minutes- toothpick clean. After taking out of oven, space out Kraft S'MORES marshmallow shapes and milk chocolch
HalfPint June 7, 2012
The great thing about the Hot Choc on a Stick is that you eat it right off the stick or melt in hot milk and drink it.
HalfPint June 7, 2012
I have no children, but there have been a number of bake sales in the office this year for charity. The most important things that we (the office bakers) learned were:

1. no frosted cupcakes. it's really hard to package up those babies without smooshing the frosting.
2. no nuts. there are lots people with serious nut allergies and it only takes one baked good with nuts to make a goodie bag off limits. this one is not an absolute if you can somehow isolate the stuff with nuts from the rest of the baked goods, but why take the chance.

That said, the most popular items (at our bake sales) were chocolate whoopie pies and Hot Chocolate on a Stick (basically choc fudge/homemade marshmallows on stick). Oh and rice crispy treats were also a big hit.
Shalini June 7, 2012
Hi HalfPint, I love the idea of the Hot Chocolate on a Stick. I have to say I almost always bring cupcakes, and have a special domed carrying case for the occasion. Kids love frosted cupcakes! Our school has a a no nuts policy, so definitely no nuts! Thanks for the ideas!
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