What is "Confectioner's Ginger"?

Leafing through the '46 edition of Joy of Cooking, I ran across a candy recipe calling for a teaspoon of the ingredient. No definition in the book, none in Food Lover's Companion, and the recipe does not appear in the current version of Joy, so no clues there.



ChefOno June 9, 2012

Sweet! One reference is better than guessing -- and better than I could come up with. Thanks.

withinseason June 8, 2012
According to this candy making book (Shipman 2003), it's candied ginger. Can only find the one source though defining it.

ChefOno June 8, 2012

The book mentions ground ginger specifically in other recipes so I assume this is something different.

The recipe is for a candy, a brown sugar and cream base with pineapple and ginger.

It's entirely possible candied ginger is equivalent, but with only a teaspoon in a pound of candy, it would have to be very finely chopped and there is no mention of any such processing.

inpatskitchen June 8, 2012
Candied ginger is sometimes referred to as a "confectionery". I've seen recipes where ground ginger and confectioner's sugar are substituted for it..
Rachel S. June 8, 2012
My guess is that it would be another term for powdered ginger. What is the recipe for exactly.
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