How long can baked blue cheese and neufchatel cheese stay out

I stuffed crescent rolls with a slice of apple/blue cheese and neufchatel cheeseand baked them last nite. Let them cool and put foil over them over nite. My husband put them in the frig this morning so they were done baking by 10:15PM and covered at 11ish pm and refreigerated 7am ish. Thank you for your help.

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chefsusie June 13, 2012
I will be over for my tasting later! haha...Well, following the rules of food safety: after an item is cooled to the safe temperature of 70F you would then refrigerate the product. For an item such as this it would likely take 1 to 1 1/2 hours to cool to that temperature. After that an item should be refrigerated. If you were to make, bake and consume you have 6 hours to do so (if you don't refrigerate)

As you are not serving these to the public. I wouldn't be worried about the cheese. Its unlikely to cause any sort of issue. I hope this helps. If you need any clarification: just ask!
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