Should I defrost my frozen apple slices before baking an apple pie?



caninechef October 24, 2016
A very long time ago I filled in as an apple pie baker at a large orchard/fruit market. They used their own apples but those that had been previously frozen. People asked me how I kept the pies from boiling over and dripping, like at 18 I was some pie genius. I did not dare tell them the secret was frozen apples, thawed and well drained.
Picholine October 18, 2016
Homemade crust is a must and it takes five minutes to make and chill. I would like to know about the premade apple pie filling or filling with frozen apples...where do I find these recipes anyone?!
sydney October 16, 2016
Hi Susan W, I didn't do his crusts; is there a problem with them? I'd love to hear. I know he's famous for his vodka addition, but I'd rather gnaw off my own arm than make anyone's crusts again. I'll buy inferior ready-mades than make my own (embarrassed to admit). But if I'm ever forced at gunpoint to make one again I'd like to steer clear of a problem recipe. His apple filling was SO good!! Cheers, All :-)
ChefJune October 16, 2016
I would, but you don't need to, as long as you account for the additional liquid the apples will throw off.
sydney October 15, 2016
I'm a convert to par-cooked apple filling now since doing this Kenji Alt-Lopez apple pie. No more raw apples thrown in a pie shell for me. I simplified it for myself but kept to his basic idea. Everyone loved it. :-)
Susan W. October 16, 2016
I totally agree. I've always loved the filling in those hand pies and turnovers. The crusts of course were h
Susan W. October 16, 2016

The crusts were hard to stomach. Kenji's technique makes a perfect gooey pie.
ktr October 15, 2016
I normally don't.
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