Suggestions for oven roasting? Best methods seasoning etc? Thanks!



bugbitten June 16, 2012
Ah! I was thinking veggies. TasteFood won a contest with a porcini encrusted tenderloin a while ago and the recipe is on the site. I made it and found the porcini a bit overwhelming, but that may just be me.
kbckitchen June 16, 2012
See previous question. This was a continuation of my post about beef tenderloin. Somehow I'm signed in with twitter so an limited in length of question
bugbitten June 16, 2012
It SO depends on what you are cooking. Can you be more specific?
Benny June 16, 2012
Many roast meats love to be seared nicely on the outside prior roasting. It really depends on what you are cooking.
JanetFL June 16, 2012
I use olive oil, salt and pepper and sometimes add spices. For example, I like dried thyme on pork tenderloin; minced garlic and fresh rosemary on a pork loin roast.
jmburns June 16, 2012
Barbra Kafka. (I think). Has a book on roasting everything I use as my bible on roasting things I unfamiliar with. Simple olive oil salt and pepper for most.
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