Idea for leeks




bugbitten June 22, 2012
I would like to add my voice to pierino's. My trouble with leeks is that they are almost always sandy, and don't fit the crisper. Since my best local greengrocer is Italian, I have them frequently, and have learned to use leeks as soon as possible, and to wash them out thoroughly. Almost anytime you would start your recipe with onion and garlic, you could start with leek. In soups they just fly, as alienor mentioned. Traditional stuffing for mushrooms, i believe. Go to town, chef!
alienor June 21, 2012
a great leek soup that i made tonite and loved by husband and myself. i found it in the ny times
this will definitely be a summer favorite. added bonus it can be eaten hot or cold/
pierino June 20, 2012
Vichysoisses would be one use (cold soup). A quiche would be another. Save the tops in case you are interested in making stock from scratch. The tops can be the basis for a bouquet garnie.
inpatskitchen June 20, 2012
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sexyLAMBCHOPx June 20, 2012
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