winter squash soup-help!

Does anyone have any idea as to why my winter squash soup is chalky? I boiled mini hubbard squash (peel and all) in milk and water with leeks and then puréed it, and it's TERRIBLE--both taste wise and texture.

Mei Chin


bigpan October 19, 2012
Next time try peeling the squash, cut into cubes (sugar cube size) and roast in a splash of olive oil until toasty edges appear. I would then make with low sodium chicken stock or a dark vegetable broth. Don't be afraid of adding some mirepoix to the squash. Purée.
Then you can consider adding cream or heavy cream.
A bit of freshly grated nutmeg and stand back to hear the guest/family applaud.
Spice it up, if you want with some chiles or a curry mix. Garnish with some sour cream or parsley leaves.
Mei C. October 19, 2012
I didn't have a problem with the leeks, but I DID use 2% milk. I was thinking it might be the peel? It may be unsalvagable.
Monita October 19, 2012
It may be the peel. While roasting hubbard squash with the peel on may taste ok. Not sure keeping on the peel if boiled and pureed is ideal. That could have affected the texture. Also, were your leeks well-cleaned? Did you use full fat milk or reduced fat? That too may have affected the taste.
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