An easy low carb snack? Tired of munching on nuts..



ATG117 June 24, 2012
drbabs and I must be on the same wavelength because I was going to suggest seaweed snacks after kale chips. I suppose you can make seaweed snacks yourself, but I discovered them at Trader Joes (they're essentially toasted and salted nori). I'm absolutely addicted. If you live in NYC, they also carry them at Fairway, though their cheaper at TJs
hardlikearmour June 24, 2012
Sometimes I'll make lunch meat and cheese roll ups to snack on when I don't feel like having a full-fledged sandwich.
You could make your own tofu jerky which is really quite tasty:
Rillettes on cucumber slices would be fantastic, too!
Ophelia June 24, 2012
I like full-fat plain yogurt with salt, pepper and cumin (and cucumber if I'm feeling up to cutting things and a little garlic). Celery with almond butter. Cheese. Bouillon with an egg (either hard boiled or whisked in and microwaved until cooked). Leftovers. Sardines straight from the can or with lettuce or mashed up in a tuna salad like mixture. Deviled eggs. Cucumber sticks dipped in miso paste or sour cream.
My boyfriend makes smoothies with heavy cream and coffee ice cubes, I make mine with a few frozen strawberries, a little stevia and a lot of plain goat yogurt. Mine is higher carb, not suitable for induction, but berries are considered fairly low-carb and are allowed in moderation in most low-carber's diets.
I'm assuming a low-carb high-fat diet.
lloreen June 22, 2012
Fruits aren't low carb, unfortunately, though it depends on how much you are cutting carbs. I like smoked salmon rolled up with a dollop of cream cheese and either a few capers or a stick of cucumber. You can make them ahead and keep them in the fridge. ditto sliced turkey smeared with whole grain mustard wrapped in a lettuce leaf.
chef O. June 22, 2012
Wow so many great suggestions. I think most vegetables and many fruits are lower carbs.
sarah K. June 22, 2012
Baba Ghanoush with carrot and/or cucumber slices, leftover meat, deli meat, instant egg salad made with a couple of boiled eggs (I just boil a dozen and keep them handy at all times) and this dressing:
drbabs June 22, 2012
toasted nori sheets; kale chips; edamame
BoulderGalinTokyo June 22, 2012
celery stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese which can be extended with onion, red bell pepper or/ and zucchini. salsas with low calorie/carb scoppers. make a low calorie pizza on a tortilla crust.
HalfPint June 21, 2012
Some low carb snacks that I like:

Hard boiled eggs
Frico (though it really belongs in the cheese category)
Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
Beef jerky ( the low sugar kind)
Cottage cheese with black pepper
Pork rinds

sexyLAMBCHOPx June 21, 2012
As I type, snacking on hummus with cucumber and radish slices.
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