Hummus without the tahini

Does anyone have a recipe for hummus that doesn't require the tahini oil? Any flavors are welcomed.



Christine June 30, 2012
I've made hummus with peanut butter instead of tahini and it really worked. Toasted sesame seeds have that nutty taste that is harder to replace with just oil and the peanut butter added creaminess and nuttiness while still working well with the other seasonings.
mama'mia June 29, 2012
Thank you! Very helpful
SeaJambon June 29, 2012
Seems I never have tahini on hand when I want to make humus (go through it too quickly). I usually just increase the olive oil. As RachelS indicates, the result isn't as creamy but it is still quite good (frankly, I'm not sure my family notices...).
Rachel S. June 29, 2012
Just the oil, or are you looking to omit tahini altogether? This recipe calls for olive oil:
I've had a hummus made with almond butter in place of tahini that was different, but still tasty. If you omit tahini, you're going to have to find a substitute nut butter or other ingredient if you want a creamy texture and rich flavor.
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