Dressing with too strong lemon flavor

Leftover from a recipe (3tsp tahini / 2tbs lemon juice / 1/3c water / 1/4c olive oil) I have enough to make a dressing and it tastes quite good except for the pronounced lemon. I will add garlic but what else to turn this into a dressing?

  • Posted by: Michele
  • April 8, 2019


Michele April 26, 2019
Late update to the results. In order to actually fix it and use I went with what I had so added 3 chopped cloves of garlic, about 4 green onions thinly sliced and 3 lengths of chives. It was really good and I was shocked at how much difference the vegetables made to it. Definitely a lesson learned.
Michele April 8, 2019
Thanks! great suggestions, would have never thought of either of these. Going to have a go and see how it turns out.
inpatskitchen April 8, 2019
Please let us know how it goes...
Nancy April 8, 2019
Yes...and what you serve it on.
Nancy April 8, 2019
Use foods that are neutral or basic (opposite of acidic) on pH scale:
some vegetables (esp potatoes, beets, mushrooms)
yogurt and other dairy
fats (avocado, more oil)
inpatskitchen April 8, 2019
Maybe a little honey?
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