food52hotline What can I do with extremely mealy, neither-sweet-nor-tart, pears? A Baked dessert? Eat as veg? They're very unpleasant.



beyondcelery June 30, 2012
I've added mealy pears to a batch of applesauce with good success. Just don't go any more than 50-50 with the pears, so they don't have to be the star (as chefsusie noted). Toss in a little fresh ginger and sugar it with brown sugar. That's dessert all by itself!
Reiney June 30, 2012
Have you tried pickling them? If that works to crunch them up, it'd be good on salad or as an accompaniment to meats.
chefsusie June 29, 2012
A conserve...perhaps would be helpful. You don't want to have pears be the star of the show. I hate mealy pears. I suppose you could also make a type of pear salsa with green peppers, spices, etc...preserve with water canner. A pear gingerbread cake?Pears with linguine and say a blue cheese? Poach them in wine.--slowly...? Or braise them?...with balsamic? Not sure this will do anything...but, you could try?
Panfusine June 29, 2012
or incorporate into a cake / bread as a puree
jmburns June 29, 2012
Maybe a pear Butter or preserve
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