Im baking a pear tart that calls for dark rum. What can I substitute with? Ammeretto? Maple syrup with almond extract? Something else? Help!!

Rochel Leah


ChezHenry February 19, 2015
Poire William, cognac, Amaretto, Bourbon.
Alexandra V. February 19, 2015
I'd sub vanilla extract...maybe a bit of lemon extract as well.
Nancy February 20, 2015
I agree with the vanilla will provide a touch of alcohol and complex flavor, as would the original rum. You could also use something as simple as vodka, bc alcohol alone gives smoothness to sauces or fillings (E. G., sometimes in pasta sauce or applesauce).
amysarah February 19, 2015
I think any of the suggestions could work, depending on the flavor you like. But keep in mind - rum isn't sweet, like Amaretto, Fra Angelico, etc. So if there's more than a tablespoon or two involved, you might want to adjust sugar accordingly. Brandy or cognac, even possibly bourbon, would be non-sweet subs.
keg72 February 19, 2015
Agree that you could probably leave it out, if it's a small amount. I think that Amaretto could be a delicious substitution, although it will introduce an almond flavor. Frangelico would add a hazelnut flavor in the same way amaretto would add a almond flavor, but that could work, too. If it's only a teaspoon or so, you could also use vanilla. You could use brandy or cognac -- those don't have the same sort of distinct flavors as amaretto or Frangelico.
Julie February 19, 2015
Amaretto sounds tasty, and I've made a pear tart that used whisky which was great. Brandy would be good too. Depends on what's in your cabinet!
drbabs February 19, 2015
How much rum? If it's just a little, you could probably leave it out. I'd be careful with almond extract because it can overpower the pears. I think I'd just use maple syrup, or do you have sherry?
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