I have a hard Tim using up potatoes before they go bad. I would like to try to dehydrate some sliced potatoes.

Does anyone know how or if this can be done? I have a food dehydrator. I am thinking the potatoes should either be blanched or all the way cooked before dehydrating. Help will be appreciated.

Elaine Ruth


SeaJambon June 30, 2012
Thanks Sam -- that looks like an awesome book!
Sam1148 June 30, 2012
Someone with knowledge and skill could update that book with research and use it as a template to make a 2012 edition. Which would be fantastic. Using the same format and modern tech. (if Rodale would sign off on that) . It should be updated. as it's a great reference book for the home user.
SeaJambon June 30, 2012
Not sure SKK can join us right now (she's currently prepping for her daughter's wedding!! Pretty exciting!). I'll do my best to stand in as her sous chef...

Yes, you can dehydrate potatoes. Yes, you want to blanch them -- otherwise they may turn black. According to the So Easy to Preserve book published by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, you should "wash, peel, and cut into shoestring strips 1/4 inch thick, or cut into slices 1/8 inch thick", then steam blanch 6 to 8 minutes, or water blanch 5 to 6 minutes. Estimated dehydrator time: 7 to 12 hours. FWIW: I'm in the process of getting certified as a Master Food Preserver, and this is our text book. Just finished dehydration today. :)
Sam1148 June 30, 2012
Oh...congrats to SKK and her daughter.

Here's one of my favorite books of food home systems. http://www.amazon.com/Home-Food-Systems-Processing-Preserving/dp/0878573208

Rodale's Home Food systems. It's a catalog, encyclopedia...with tons and tons of information. Too much really. It doesn't get too specific on any specific items but focuses on basic tech and hardware. Including things like DYI stuff and even things like turning a back yard pool into a fish farm. Bees, raising goats, making cheeses, canning, juicing, etc..etc. Something to look up if you can find it--it's out of print now, I think. But it's wonderful read...filled with all types of info and suggestions for hardware--much of which are still available today.
Sam1148 June 30, 2012
Paging SKK..Paging SKK come right away.
jmburns June 30, 2012
Well they put dehydrated potatoes in Hamburger Helper. So I guess it could be done.
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