What kind of potatoes do I use for potatoes and onions in foil cooked on the grill?

  • Posted by: bcocci
  • May 27, 2013


Steven R. May 28, 2013
Don't cook em in foil. Brush baking potatoes w butter or bacon fat. S & P and indirect grill for 1 hour w soaked wood chips tossed on the coals.
bigpan May 28, 2013
I am assuming you are slicing the potato and putting butter and onion rounds in between each slice.
bigpan May 28, 2013
I agree, you can use almost any kind of potato; but, I use russets with walla walla onion and unsalted butter.
cathy1755 May 27, 2013
New potatoes are best. Big baking potatoes must be cut and the texture is not ideal.
Pegeen May 27, 2013
You can use anything: russett, Idaho, Yukon gold, etc. Just cook for less time if you use tiny new or fingerling potatoes. Here's an easy recipe:
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