Bundt pan issues

I found a recipe I'd really like to make that is to be made in a bundt pan...which of course, I don't have. I have an angel food cake pan-would this work? Or better yet, as I am going to be traveling, would I be able to make this in a loaf pan do you suppose?



sonya August 10, 2015
I think that both would work fine! Most bundt pan recipes (unless yours says otherwise) are for a 12-cup bundt pan. Tube cake pans (aka angel food cake pans) often hold 16 cups. The two most popular sizes for loaf pans are 8.5 x 4.5 or 9 x 5 - they might all vary a bit, but mine hold 6 cups and 9 cups respectively. So if you use your angel food cake pan, it won't be perfect because the batter won't come as high up the pan as it should, so it might not brown as well on top, but I would think that it would still work well. For the loaf pans, I would divide your bundt cake recipe by two OR divide the batter between two loaf pans if you have two. Hope it turned out delicious!
Maedl July 3, 2012
Check the volume recommended for the Bundt pan and be sure whatever pan/s you use are apropriately sized. Joy of Cooking has a useful table that compares which pans can be used if you don't have the recommended pan. That said, my mother's angel food cake pan was only used for angel food cake because the angel food batter will not rise properly if there is any fat residue on the cake pan. I also wonder if the batter for your cake might contain more liquid than an angel cake and ooze out the bottom of the pan while baking. I see mess potential here. I would try to borrow a tube pan for the cake--or a Kugelhopf pan. The Bundt and Kugelhopf pans have more surface area and I am not sure how this might affect the baking time or results.
Droplet July 2, 2012
An angel food cake pan would work fine. My grandmother used to have a pan with a removable inner cylinder that was serving her double duty. Two loaf pans would work as well, as the typical batter for a bundt cake would not fit in a single one.
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