Uses for white chocolate butter?

I had a culinary FAIL in the kitchen the other day when I look away for a second, and inadvertently over whipped my white chocolate cream.....into white chocolate butter. It broke. I don't want to waste 12 oz. of good white chocolate and nearly a quart of whipping cream - ideas???

Burnt Offerings


Burnt O. July 7, 2012
After consulting with a chef friend of mine, I honestly think I'll try to make truffles with it. Coat them in tempered dark chocolate and orange liqueur, or roll them in a mixture of cocoa powder, sugar and chipotle powder. I can freeze them and use them as hostess gifts or desserts. Worth a try - right?
ATG117 July 6, 2012
I feel your pain. I had to throw out 15$ worth of white chocolate not too long ago, after a frosting I made never came together. But I could not salvage mine and don't have too many ideas, other than using it as a spread or a dip for strawberries and pretzels and things of that nature. Perhaps you can put it in the food processor with peanuts (or natural, unsweetened peanut butter) to make a white chocolate peanut butter spread. I'm not to sure what the consistency of it is, but could you spread it in between cookies? use it as a layer in brownies?
lloreen July 6, 2012
Do you owe any favors? Maybe find a cute way to wrap it or put it into little jars, call it "white chocolate spread" and pretend you intended this all along ;)
Burnt O. July 6, 2012
lloreen July 6, 2012
Is it thick enough to spread? Could you use it as a spread on brioche toast/tartine for brunch? Kind of like a nutella spread? Or spread it on crepes, maybe with a little berry reduction sauce on top for a decadent dessert.
Burnt O. July 6, 2012
Oh, it's definitely thick enough to spread! And I had some on toast this morning with fresh mint, but I have a lot! It was destined for a summer raspberry trifle, which, when I made it all over again turned out fabulously - but what a waste of $12 worth of ingredients!
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