egg timer

My trusty $1.49 hourglass suction cup egg timer (perfect to 3 minutes and 45 seconds) fell to the floor and passed away to broken glass heaven.
I now need a new egg timer as I do not like clock timers, I don't own a microwave with a beeper timer, so am open to hear what you guys suggest I might look at for a replacement.

  • Posted by: bigpan
  • July 6, 2012


ATL July 7, 2012
Google it or a description of it. You might find a place that sells them new or used in good condition.
Pecan-Ann July 7, 2012
Just look around your neighborhood for older folks, they are sure to have one to share or give away. Sometimes I just go "next door" for an excuse to borrow when really I want the ideas, the chatting, and the friendship of sharing cooking ideas.


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ChefOno July 7, 2012

A faithful tool is always tough to lose but I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion that meets your specs. Having discovered Oxo's triple timer some years ago, they have become indispensible kitchen assistants. You know you're working hard when you've got all three going at once...

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