coddled eggs

What is a coddled egg? When I looked it up online I read it is an egg cooked lightly in its shell but then I also read you are supposed to crack the egg into an egg coddler before cooking, so which is it? Or both somehow? I love eggs and would love to try a new way of eating them.

  • Posted by: ktr
  • October 30, 2014


creamtea November 1, 2014
You can also bake them in the oven! Break into the (buttered) coddlers, add a little cream, and maybe a little seasoning, put on the tops and place in a pan of hot water, bake gently 6-10 mins. in a pre-heated 350º oven, and call them shirred eggs.
ktr November 1, 2014
Interesting. Might be good for those days when I have a 2 year old plastered to my leg and sitting watch over a pot of boiling water is a dangerous idea!
ChezHenry October 31, 2014
A true Coddled egg is cooked in an egg coddler, usually porcelain, with a screw top metal lid. Submersed in boiling water, it very gently cooks the egg, as the egg is coddled by the coddler. I grew up in Bermuda with my very British and proper Grandmother, who would have had a heart attack if you ate the egg directly from the coddler!
The coddler was used in substition for poached eggs, it was more foolproof and never wasted any of the egg, and required less attention. Once cooked, a quick run with a pairing knife around the egg, as you would to release a custard cup, and you have a perfectly poached, coddled egg, nicely shaped. She had both single and double coddlers, I still enjoy them today, and yes sometimes add a tablespoon or two of cream to make it a Cocotte, french style.
bigpan October 30, 2014
Yes, to me there are two types.
The English use nice porcelain cups (with lids) and coddle the egg as described above the eat with a spoon and dip dry toast points in it (because the yolk is warm and runny)...
As I do for my Caesar salads, I simply hold the egg under hot running water go a minute (and over the last 40 years NObody has been ill).
Susan W. October 30, 2014
A coddled egg is a gently cooked egg. It's similar to a poached egg, but it's cooked in its shell or the egg coddler that you mentioned. They can be barely cooked as for a Caesar salad (I just use raw eggs from healthy pastured hens), a little more cooked which is fun for ramen or to top bibimbap all the way to soft boiled stage, but I always think of them less cooked than soft boiled.
ktr October 30, 2014
Thanks for the info! I may have to try coddling some eggs some time.
Susan W. October 30, 2014
I like them done in egg coddlers because you grease the cup with butter and after you crack the egg in the cup, you can add some heavy cream. Yum!!
ktr October 30, 2014
Yummm, that sounds delicious. This all started with the beautiful egg coddlers in Provisions.
Susan W. October 30, 2014 I want to order them. :)
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