Any creative ideas for okra beyond pickled okra and gumbo? I'm drowning here.



Devangi R. July 12, 2012
I was thinking of suggesting you the chickpea coating method, but looks like you already know that. But, here is another variation this sweet and sour sauce and okra , do taste good if you really like okra. You can enjoy it with roti or rice.

Hope you like it.many other ideas also sound great.

avimom July 11, 2012
Slice okra in half lengthwise, salt generously, and saute in a pan until the stringiness goes away and the okra start to brown. Add lots of chopped tomatoes and heat through.
CHeeb July 10, 2012
Once you have your pork,chicken,beef or fish soup,fricassee, or stew almost complete, add a few raw sliced okra hands full, and let it cook for 10-15 minutes on low simmer. It adds richness , and few calories...NJOY
Sam1148 July 10, 2012
Okra is one of those things I really only like fried with cornmeal coating. I know there's gumbos, Indian dishes, ect..etc. Which are all "oh, the okra is great"...but not for me.

Pickled okra is great in a bloody merry tho.
em-i-lis July 10, 2012
smothered okra! grilled okra! LOVE okra on the grill- olive oil, garlic, red pepper, sherry vinegar, salt, more garlic. aah!
JanetFL July 10, 2012
Excess okra is also good added to your favorite soup recipe.
BoulderGalinTokyo July 10, 2012
GUMBO-- so many variations!
Summer O. July 8, 2012
I coat it in olive oil and soy sauce and cook it on the grill or grill pan. Don't chop it, leave the cap on. Bhindi jalfrezi is also a great preparation. While I'm a huge fan of fried okra I find that it gets too often stuck in this role. I also julienne it and toss it in with other vegetables for a salad.
petitbleu July 8, 2012
I agree. I think okra is too often relegated to the deep frier. Not that it isn't a mighty fine thing, but I think we could all use a helping of creativity with our okra.
Panfusine July 8, 2012
slice the okra really thin dust with some salted rice flour & deep fry them to a crisp. Add this to Yogurt along with toasted crushed cumin & black pepper.. Heat a tablespoon of oil add 1/2 a teaspoon of whole mustard seeds (and torn curry leaves if you have them) . when the seeds pop, add this sizzling oil to the Yogurt. stir & serve as Raita
petitbleu July 8, 2012
This sounds amazing. I actually read a similar recipe earlier today from Sanjeev Kapoor's How to Cook Indian. For tonight, I decided on thinly sliced okra seasoned with chaat masala, amchur, garam masala, chile pepper, and lightly breaded with chickpea flour and fried. Also from Kapoor's book. We're having this with tandoori venison, raita, and rice. Wish I could have you all over for dinner.
sfmiller July 8, 2012
I like to use okra, cut into large chunks, as a substitute for eggplant in caponata.

It's also good with the pods halved or quartered lengthwise, rather than cut crosswise, and cooked just until crisp-tender in stir-fries. Here's a video of a simple one:

SKK July 8, 2012
Smoke and or grill okra - divine. I love okra.
BonAppetitBeth July 7, 2012
I mix chopped okra with black beans and corn for a side dish. Try using Lima beans or chickpeas create a succotash.
petitbleu July 8, 2012
Do you cook the okra or leave it raw for the black bean and corn salad? When I discovered that okra was delicious uncooked, it was a game changer for me.
kbckitchen July 7, 2012
Love it fried with just a dusting of corn
Meal. Also stewed okra and tomatoes is a delicious side. Even my Yankee husband likes it
pierino July 7, 2012
Is there anything better than corn meal fried okra?
petitbleu July 8, 2012
Ah, I remember stewed tomatoes and okra. Thanks for reminding me.
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