Can you use pickled okra in place of fresh in Jambalaya...?

  • Posted by: TOBY77
  • January 8, 2012


Scott M. October 12, 2018
YES, you can find gumbo recipes online with pickled okra and it is excellent. I find the best ones are the Best Maid pickled okra. It's not overpowering like some say, it is just a slightly different profile. Great flavor. Enjoy.
Chrissylrat January 9, 2012
I use frozen okra and have been happy with the results. Before adding it to gumbo or jambalaya sauté it in some oil until its thawed and loses its ropy texture
pierino January 9, 2012
Yep, leave it out. Okra oesn't really have a place in jambalaya anyway. Gumbo yes, and you can also substitute frozen sliced okra. I kind of like pickled okra on its own.
drbabs January 9, 2012
Pickled okra is a southern thing. I love it. But I would never use it in jambalaya--the flavor is too strong. Use frozen if you can get it. If not, Sam's suggestion of summer squash is good, if not authentic. (I might just use more peppers, celery and tomato.)
pauljoseph January 9, 2012
I never seen a pickled okra we make different dish with Okra but never pickle
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jmburns January 9, 2012
I guess pickled okra is a southern thing. It is even available in the supermarket here in TX
Sam1148 January 9, 2012
I'd say No Way!!!

If you must sub, sub some zucchini, yellow or mild squash. Nothing overtly sweet like a butter nut.

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jmburns January 8, 2012
No. Pickled okra has a completely different taste than fresh. You could get frozen okra as a substitute.
Miranda R. January 8, 2012
I'm not the expert but I would definitely stick with fresh. The texture and flavor of the two are pretty different so I just think fresh is safer. Hope this helps!
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