Freezing before pickling?

So, I have a ton of okra from my garden which I fully intend to pickle (one of my favorite things!) but presently I don't have any pickling time. Can I freeze the okra for a few weeks first? Will this change the texture of the vegetable?

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Susan September 19, 2016
Ferment your okra - that will buy you 3-4 weeks before needing to can. Linda Zeidrich's Joy of Pickling is packed with good recipes.
Valhalla September 13, 2016
By the time you have washed, blanched, and frozen the okra you could probably have thrown a brine together. Start your boiling water first and you can probably even fit in canning.
Summer O. September 13, 2016
ChefJune September 13, 2016
I was about to suggest something similar -- if you don't have time for the canning part, make the pickles before freezing.
MMH September 12, 2016
When you freeze any fresh vegetable, the cells will burst and the texture will not be the same as fresh. I was in a real hurry to pickle some veggies and used a refrigerator pickle recipe which was fast, easy and tasty.
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