Can this be fixed?

I am making rainbow (shaped) cookies for my son's class, and added too much red to the yellow to make the orange layer. Can this be fixed in anyway?

  • Posted by: STS418
  • February 12, 2017


Nancy February 12, 2017
Now, if you could only mail me the extras....
Nancy February 12, 2017
If not yet baked and you have/can nake more dough, add tgat to tge too-red batch, knead and see what color is. Maybe add some yellow at that stage.
If no extra dough, save these for family or cover with icinf.
STS418 February 12, 2017
i do have a little extra non dyed dough that is supposed to be used around the rainbow shape, but maybe i'll just add it to the too red orange dough and see what happens! Thank you!
STS418 February 12, 2017
Thank you! It worked!!
Nancy February 12, 2017
Or send us here a photo of the finished cookies...
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