I have a new Calphalon hard anodized pan. Should I season it like cast iron? Everything sticks!



susan G. July 16, 2012
Heat the pan first, then add oil or other fat. If the surface is not too hot, this may help.
ChefOno July 16, 2012

Have you used a skillet previously that hasn't given you sticking problems -- one with a stainless cooking surface perhaps or another anodized pan?

wulfferine75 July 16, 2012
I have a hard anodized roasting pan that has turned to a black finish and it is nearly nonstick. But my new
Covered skillet on the stove top, everything sticks. Terribly.
ChefOno July 16, 2012

The anodized surface does not require nor should it be seasoned. What are you comparing this pan to that has given you good results previously -- or is sticking an ongoing issue?

pierino July 16, 2012
Yes, I agree with ChefOno. Key question, are you cooking on a gas range or electric burners?The latter can produce "hot spots" and you can't really control the temperature underneath the pan because it cycles back and forth. Anodized Calphalon is a good conductor of heat, as in spreading it out, but the problem could be your cook top.
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