Making key lime pie. How do people juice all those little buggers?



dymnyno March 31, 2013
Electric juicer is the answer! There are bottled lime juices but fresh is always better.
rt21 March 31, 2013
I use a combination of lemon and lime juice..... Much easier, came up with the idea when I couldn't find key limes!
Dona March 31, 2013
I can buy this at the grocery store.
Dona March 31, 2013
I have an electric juicer but key limes are so tiny it doesn't work that well. I use the citrus press rip that squeezes the limes. But I love Nellie and Joes!
ChefJune March 31, 2013
Last year I gave myself a present of an electric citrus juicer. It gets all the juice out of those pesky little fellers in no time.
jmburns March 31, 2013
As an interesting aside. My neighbor once decided to host a Margarita Party and juiced about 3 dozen limes. He did not wear gloves and the lime juice "cooked" his hands just like a ceviche. It was a nasty citrus acid burn that took a long time to heal.
Cristina S. March 31, 2013
I keep a bottle of Nellie and Joe's on my fridge door, too. Honestly though, I often use fresh regular limes instead. I promise, no one will be able to tell the difference, and it's so much easier!
boulangere March 30, 2013
Honestly, I buy Nellie and Joe's Key Lime Juice by the gallon. Cheap at twice the price, and a very good product.
cookbookchick March 30, 2013
I use my electric orange juicer. There tough little things!
daddysurprise March 30, 2013
Thanks for the answers. I used my old fashioned juice reemer and my fingers cramped. I was considering for next time using our Jack Lalayne juicer. So is trimming the rind from 20 limes worse than reaming? Not sure.
My tag got away from me. Pokey was intended to be key lime pie.
cookbookchick March 31, 2013
*They're - not there. Darn autocorrect!
petitbleu March 30, 2013
A citrus reamer is a good little tool--lo-fi but a good standby. If you're feeling cheaty you can buy bottled key lime juice. Just sayin'.
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