Limeade and Key Lime Juice in Baking Conversions???

So, I am trying to make the Juniors Key Lime Mousse Cheesecake from the Juniors Cheesecake Cookbook and I do not want to get the "frozen limeade concentrate" that is in the book. I have "Nellie and Joes Famous Key Lime Concentrate Juice".
In the books margins it says "Juniors uses fresh frozen lime juice to get the same fabulous taste with a lot less effort. 'You can't buy frozen lime juice from your supermarket easily but the frozen limeade concentrate works just as well.'" Limeade Concentrate has added sugar and zest to it whereas the juice does not. Anyone know any conversions?



HalfPint May 17, 2021
I would do a 1:1 swap and add a 1-2 TB sugar.
HalfPint May 17, 2021
Also add the zest from a lime, grated with a microplane so as to not affect the texture of the cheesecake.
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