Hi I'm testing the potato salad with bacon, anchovies and capers. A few things, I only have salted anchovies and capers, am presuming that I

Correct? Also am 1/2 recipe including boiled egg, as the concept of 2 cups of mayo is a lot to look at.
So do I measure anchovies before or after bones?
Lentil is more straight forward

Christine Hardy Leaf
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1 Comment

lloreen July 22, 2012
I don't know the answer to your question, exactly, but I am guessing that the capers and anchovies are meant to be salted. You should certainly taste and adjust before adding additional salt. Are you using canned or jarred anchovies? I never remove the bones. They are usually pretty soft and can be chopped up with the fish. 2lbs of potatoes is a lot, so I would wait to decide on the mayo question until you have everything assembled.
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