What's a good substitute for Shiner Bock? Shiner's hard to find outside of Texas

Frito Pie
Recipe question for: Frito Pie


Maedl July 26, 2012
You want a rich beer with substantial body. I believe bock beers are lightly hopped, so you don't want a bitter beer. Try finding a local bock beer from your local microbrewery, although that might be hard because bocks are seasonal. Or perhaps you can find a Sam Adams Bock--that might be heavier than the Shiner, but I think it would still be good. If you can't find a bock, then ask for assistance at the liquor store. They are very helpful in guiding customers to good alternatives. I definitely wouldn't use Budweiser, which I think is totally undrinkable and would give the dish an off-taste. (And I come from St. Louis, so it takes a bit of nerve to say that.)
garlic&lemon July 25, 2012
My experience with chile and beer,is that dark beer can leave bitter notes with long cooking and a lighter beer holds up better. I just use Dos Equis or Budwieser. They both taste great in chile for Frito Pie.
Nozlee S. July 25, 2012
Any dark lager would work just as well in the recipe!
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