Thoughts on breadmakers

Thinking about requesting a breadmaker for my birthday - I like bread, I like making things, I like the idea of controlling what goes into the bread I eat and I sadly do not have time to make bread from scratch very often. Anyone have thoughts? Love or hate them, or good brands or models? I don't have much counter space so compact is a plus.

  • Posted by: LucyS
  • July 31, 2012


Sam1148 July 31, 2012
I can't recommend a brand. But I use mind almost entirely for mixing bread dough to bake in the oven.

I've had mine for ages...a Haitachi and it's help well. YMMV with new models.
I gave another brand to a friend once and it suffered from 'feature creep' including a mandatory resting time and pre-warming time that's added to the time to mix a dough.
I like mine as it has the ability to overrride its logic and start and stop at my command. Which is great if you're just mixing the dough and on full auto-bake-pilot.
HalfPint July 31, 2012
My two sisters have the same Panasonic bread machine. They love it. Not too large, about the size of a bread box. I think it's takes up about the same amount of space as my 10-c Cuisinart food processor. I think this is the model:

Makes a good loaf of bread in a few hours. Delicious fresh out of the machine.
ruthie1234 July 31, 2012
I love my Cuisinart bread maker! Not at all compact :) and I find that you have to keep it out and insight otherwise it doesn't get used. Hope that's helpful!
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