Ok. I just had Indian for the first time and practically everything had cilantro which I despise. Now I have to make a dish for cooking club

On the 23rd. Can be anything. Can you guys recommend an authentic recipe that I can make that doesn't include cilantro or coriander?



darksideofthespoon August 2, 2012
I usually sub out any cilantro with parsley. Sometimes I try it because I don't read the tag and accidentally purchase cilantro instead of parsley. That always sucks. Ruined many good salads all in the name of not being wasteful. :P
mainesoul August 2, 2012
Is anyone else bothered by the phrase 'I had Indian' ? Is that like ' I had beef? I had an apple. I had eggs for breakfast.
mainesoul August 2, 2012
I prefer the phrase " I had Indian food.'. 'I had Indian' sounds cannibalistic.
kbckitchen August 2, 2012
I certainly didn't intend to offend anyone. My apologies if I did. Had I tried beef or eggs for the first time surely I would have had questions about their preparation. Should I have said Indian cuisine instead?
Tarragon August 2, 2012
Try using a combo of mint and basil
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Cilantro is a garnish and can be avoided. If you wish you can add something like mint instead. It will have a different but fresh tasting effect. Alternately, you can chop and serve on the side to allow people to add their own garnish.
Sam1148 August 1, 2012
You can skip it or sub parsley.

However, we've discovered the cilantro haters hate the sopins in the leaf.
Thai curries and such call for only the steam and roots--which in my experience even a Cilantro sensitive person doesn't mind. It has the taste with none of that "Filthy nasty soap weed" complaints.
Sadassa_Ulna August 1, 2012
You could skip the cilantro in a dish you would otherwise like and offer a green coriander chutney (available pre-made in Indian grocery stores) on the side. Some people find that if they avoid the leaves and use just the stems or root they can tolerate cilantro in a dish.
lakshmi August 1, 2012
Most of Indian recipes call cilantro as garnish,
So you can skip that easily
Lissa T. August 1, 2012
Sorry saag paneer
Lissa T. August 1, 2012
I don't thing sash paneer has cilantro
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