Help finding ground coriander, please!

Eating more veg and many recipes call for ground coriander and some also call for cumin. I cannot find ground coriander (aka cilantro when it comes to the green plant, evidently) even in a large chain grocer with a wide variety of ethnic foods. Can anyone steer me straight?

Lynn Rugh


Customer-Care August 27, 2019
Hi Lynn! Not sure if you're interested in purchasing more than just ground coriander, but if so, we carry a selection of great spices that you'll find right here:
C S. August 27, 2019
In a well-stocked grocery store you should easily find whole coriander seeds. They are brittle and very easy to grind yourself either in a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder or even with the side of a knife.
Miss_Karen August 26, 2019
Even though they are the same plant the taste of cilantro vs coriander and cumin are VASTLY different! Try:
I get all my spices from them. Whole Foods & Trader Joe's are good as well.
Lynn R. August 27, 2019
Thanks for the info and the link!
luvcookbooks August 26, 2019
Burlap and I went to a dinner showcasing their spices. They are trying to provide fair prices to the people who grow the spices and herbs. The smell and taste of the spices in the dishes were wonderful. The host for dinner was Archestratus Books in Brooklyn.
Lynn R. August 27, 2019
I will check them out. Thanks for the link!
Gammy August 26, 2019
Two mail order sources I have used for spices: and . Both are very fresh. You will pay additional costs for shipping until you reach a minimum order. Check with Amazon, too, especially if you are a Prime member. Also look for Badia brand in the ethnic aisle of local groceries, may not be with the normal spice/herb selection. This summer I had Cilantro in my garden bolt rather quickly, so I let it go to seed... now I have a nice jar of whole Coriander seed.
Lynn R. August 27, 2019
Had I but known...I let my coriander go to seed and reseed a back corner of my garden. From now on out I will collect the seed. Very prolific here in CT next to the cement foundation of my garage. Thyme, sage and oregano grow well there too. Penzeys I have used, but I was in the middle of cooking, of course. Thanks for the links!
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