Is it true that using olive oil will take out meat flavor?

  • Posted by: Nigi
  • February 8, 2016


Nigi February 9, 2016
Thanks for your answers, guys! I really appreciate it. I only want to prove what he said wasn't correct.
Kristen W. February 9, 2016
Amysarah, you very well may be right! It's sometimes hard to tell in writing; I read it literally but I see what you mean.
Kristen W. February 9, 2016
I just want to point out that saying that strong EVOO has the potential to overpower delicately flavored meat" is a far cry from saying that "all it does is suck the flavor out of meat." The first statement is accurate; the second one is incorrect (not to mention hyperbolic).
amysarah February 9, 2016
Kristen, I was assuming the "suck the flavor out of meat" phrasing wasn't literal, rather exaggerated semantics for effect - her in laws' way of emphasizing that the OO drowned out/overwhelmed the flavor of the meat. (A rather creative one, I think! ;) Along the lines of calling a chilly room an "icebox," or a fatty dessert "a heart attack on a plate," and so on.
amysarah February 9, 2016
Oops, forgot...or saying of someone with a big blustering personality, "he sucks the air out of the room."
foodndrink February 8, 2016
I would have to agree with previous answers. It won't take the flavor out, but if the meat lacks flavor and they get a strong OO, it will potentially overpower the meat.
amysarah February 8, 2016
Olive oil can vary from lightly flavored to very pungent (even slightly bitter.) It sounds like they probably used too assertive an OO to cook a delicately flavored meat - like chicken breast or some veal, or whatever low flavor cut. Possibly they used a really strong EVOO...I'm tempted to say a cheap one, though price isn't always an indication of flavor with olive oil. (If they're used to cooking with a very neutral oil, it probably seemed even more overwhelming.)
Nigi February 8, 2016
After I told my parent in laws about olive oil that brings good flavor in ground beef. Father in law seemed interested. Then they visited me and told my husband in front of me that olive oil does nothing but suck out flavor of meat flavor.
702551 February 8, 2016
Who are you going to listen to? Your in-laws or your own taste buds?

You make the call.
Smaug February 8, 2016
WHat? No.
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