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1) At the time I got the Hotline app, I wasn't able to log in for some reason, so I created a new membership. I want to delete that one now since I don't use it -- how can I do that? Basically, how does anyone delete a membership? 2) My settings include getting emails when there are responses to recipes or articles I have commented on. This used to work, now it does not. I no longer get those emails. How can I fix this?



BoulderGalinTokyo August 18, 2012
Yes, I did not have "[email protected]" listed in my address book. Hopefully that's the problem. Thank you so much for keeping us all so connected!
Michael H. August 17, 2012
Hi, all! Thanks for your patience with these email issues. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing going forward!
cookbookchick August 17, 2012
I was just happy to discover it wasn't something I'd done to goof things up. What a great community we have here! Thanks to you all -- and welcome, Michael!
Peter August 17, 2012
All, don't thank me -- all I did was make some noise to the tech team about this still being a problem. You know, wave my arms in the arms and jump up and down. It was a new member of the tech team, Michael, who put the solution in place. Take a bow, Michael!

And thanks to CookBookChick for raising this issue again. Without your politely squeaky wheel this could have gone on for months more. :-/
sdebrango August 17, 2012
Yay!!! it worked. I received email notification, thank you so much Peter, and everyone. I feel like I am in the loop again.
sdebrango August 17, 2012
Yes I failed to thank cookbookchick for bringing this to everyones attention. Also, thanks to Michael and you too Peter for waving your arms and jumping up and down, It is greatly appreciated.
cookbookchick August 17, 2012
It worked!! I just received an email notification with your message. Thank you, Amanda, Peter, and all of you at Food52!
Amanda L. August 17, 2012
Hey everyone, thank you all for your responses. We rolled out a new email solution that will hopefully get these notification emails flowing again. Please let us know if you are still missing emails to [email protected]. Thanks for your utmost patience!
creamtea August 10, 2012
Add me to the chorus: only updates from A&M and messages from the editors arrive in my mailbox. all the appropriate boxes are checked, nothing in Spam. AOL.
meganvt01 August 9, 2012
Me too
sdebrango August 9, 2012
I also added the notification address and it didn't work.
Greenstuff August 8, 2012
Peter--you asked about my getting some but not all notifications--
No, none have ever ended up in my spam folder.
No, you're not in my address book. I'll try that and report back.
No, there doesn't seem to be much of a pattern. For example, I received a couple of the responses to this question, but not all of them. It seems pretty much the same inconsistencies across hotline, recipes, and blog comments.
Greenstuff August 9, 2012
Nope, adding you to the address book didn't work.
Sam1148 August 8, 2012
I want the edit button back for the hotline.
Greenstuff August 8, 2012
It's especially odd, as I do get some notifications.
Peter August 8, 2012
Greenstuff, you say you get *some* of the notifications. By any chance do others show up in your spam folder?

Also, have you added "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" to your address book? (a tip I forgot to mention).

Lastly, is there a pattern to what does and does not show up? Say, Hotline emails show up (like this one) but recipe and blog comments do not?
sdebrango August 8, 2012
I get the newsletters from food52 the only thing I don't get are notifications, it stopped when the change of the website occurred and since then I have not gotten one notificaiton, I will try adding to address book but I doubt thats the problem as I check mail both on and through the inbox on my mac. It should show up in one of those places.
sdebrango August 8, 2012
oh i also do not get DM's have had two people tell me in the last two weeks they sent a DM to me and I never received it.
meganvt01 August 8, 2012
Hi Peter - I checked my settings and they are all checked (I have actually unchecked them, saved, rechecked, then saved again in the past twice to see if that would help). I use (hotmail) Thank you!!
Peter August 8, 2012
CookbookChick, so sorry you're having this problem. I recall you messaged me directly aboutthis a few weeks ago. I messaged you back... but of course, you didn't get the email from us.

All of you, if you're profile settings have a checkmark next to the checkbox that says "Receive notifications to recipes and articles I’ve commented on:" and you're not getting emails from us... and those emails are not shwoing up in your spam folder... then it would be helpful to us if you told us who your email provider is... you know, the part after the @ sign. is it Gmail? Hotmail? Yahoo? Thanks so much,

Finally, I talked to Karl, the new VP Tech yesterday and made sure he was aware of the problem. I'm not sure where it is on his priority list, but at least he knows the problem exists.
sdebrango August 8, 2012
Hi Peter, thanks for your reply. I checked my settings and it is checked that I should get notifications I am listed as MSN which is my email provider. I also have an Apple email address maybe I will try changing my email address to that one and see if it helps. What do you think?
BoulderGalinTokyo August 9, 2012
OK Peter, I checked, and yes I have checked that box. But I'm not getting notifications. Provider is

But I was locked out entirely once because-- spam was being sent from Japan so everyone with a Japanese provider was closed down.

After I requested reinstatement, No problems to access the site, but no notifications.

Thank you and good luck!
pierino August 9, 2012
Peter, my e-mail goes through I do receive A&M's weekly digest, no problem, and once in awhile an editorial e-mail. But as everyone else has been saying, no notifications on comments or guestions. Not going to the spam folder and my settings are correctly checked.
cookbookchick August 12, 2012
Hi Peter! Thanks for responding to my questions -- both times! I am just now seeing this because -- you guessed it! -- I am not getting emails from you/Food52. (Let me add that I DO receive the Food52 newsletters and promotional emails, just not the ones to notify me of responses to comments on a thread.) I did double-check to make sure my profile settings were correct and had not changed. My email provider for Food52 is AOL. I do not use a spam filter specifically to avoid missing emails I want to see -- hence, I get far too much spam every day. Thanks for your help in fixing this glitch!
Maedl August 8, 2012
I have never received email notifications--if that can be rectified, it would be very much appreciated.
inpatskitchen August 7, 2012
I was having the same problem as most of notifications, etc. I finally created a g-mail account on Chrome just for Food52 related mail, notifications etc. and it seems to be working.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 7, 2012
My secret wish is that the recipes I save can be catergorized by meal type, prority, ingredient, etc. Same withb searches for recipews. But I'm grateful for the site. Also, the site will let me use my automated spell check - lazy typist here! Good luck new VP!
BoulderGalinTokyo August 7, 2012
I haven't been getting notifications either. But now we have a new Tech VP so expect some improvement COMING SOON!
cookbookchick August 7, 2012
Clearly, I am not the only one having the email problem! Food52, where are you? (Thanks, Amanda Li, for responding to one of my two questions.)
meganvt01 August 6, 2012
Me too - I emailed the editors - I feel bad that I don't respond to comments because I don't know that they are there! During the CP testing I received a confirmation email in the last few contest (the most recent version of the new approach) but this time I signed up using the "test this recipe" button and didn't get a confirmation.
sdebrango August 6, 2012
I know, I noticed on several recipes questions that were 2 mos old that I never knew were there. I apologized and felt very bad.
sdebrango August 6, 2012
I haven't gotten email notifications for months either. They are not in spam I check my spam folder regularly. I miss questions on recipes or comments it's impossible to check every recipe that I have every day. I also emailed editors about this over a month ago but never heard back.
Greenstuff August 6, 2012
No emails in my spam filter, but I also get only sporadic notifications. I did get them at one point after the format change but lost them again. I did what we were told to do with problems--emailed [email protected] got an answer back that they were aware of the issue. But that's a long time ago now without resolution.
Amanda L. August 6, 2012
Hi there! If you'd like to delete your membership, please send an email including your Cook Name to [email protected] and they'll take care of it. If you are not receiving emails, please check your Spam folder (as unfortunately some of our mail gets sent there). Thanks!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 6, 2012
me too, since the format change way back.
meganvt01 August 6, 2012
My email notification hasn't worked for months either -despite my changes to the settings.
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