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Hotline Improvement Question

Alot of Hotline questions that i see are about 52 recipes. IMO many/most of those questions could most accurately/efficiently be answered by the recipe chef themself. Do you think it would be useful to give 52ers the option to be emailed when one of their recipes is questioned on the Hotline? (That way, they would receive an automatic email notifying them "One of your recipes is being discussed on the Hotline. Click the link to go there." and they could both answer the questioner AND edit their recipe to clarify and/or include info that was left out.)

Also, do you think it would be helpful for a Hotline question to have a little symbol that the OP could click that pops up
and signifies "this question has been answered to the OP's satisfaction" ? My thought for such a symbol would be that it would not prohibit further comments, but could save a lot of time for those who scroll through the questions looking for things to help with.

asked by LE BEC FIN almost 3 years ago
2 answers 1278 views
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added almost 3 years ago

I find sometimes i answer a question, yet forget to sign in. Once answered, you cant sign in and save your answer. Its gone. You should be able to signin/answer in one step.

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