How do I convert a chilled beet soup into something else?

I made a chilled beet and yogurt soup. Roasted golden beets, yogurt, fresh dill, lemon juice and salt. I'm not crazy about it. Maybe it's too tart? Maybe it would have been better with red beets? Maybe I screwed up the proportions? I'm not sure. Can I convert the leftovers into something else? Hot soup? Sauce for meat? Something? Ideas? :)



Pamela731 July 28, 2012
Just a thought, but you could try incorporating a finely grated carrot into the soup for a little sweetness. Good luck and keep us posted.
Emily0624 July 27, 2012
I also found Golden Beet Summer Soup from LiztheChef here. I TOTALLY should have made that instead. :) And she calls for sugar. So maybe I can sorta transform mine into hers. :) Looking forward to the experiment...
Emily0624 July 27, 2012
No worries, I asked a general question, so I expect a general answer. I'm just looking for ideas, that's all. :) I will try the added sugar idea....and I do like your Indian-spiced chicken idea too. Thanks! :)

All input will be gratefully received....
Kristen W. July 27, 2012
That's Indian-spiced grilled chicken, not Indian spices...
Kristen W. July 27, 2012
This is a very general answer, but I guess I would decide if I wanted to try to balance the flavor profile of the soup itself (like with the above mentioned addition of sugar), or, if not, try to find something to pair with it that will balance the sourness of the soup when eaten together. Also depends if the lemon, beets, or yogurt came out as the dominant flavor in the soup. If yogurt is the dominant flavor, for example, can imagine trying it as a drizzle for some Indian-spices grilled chicken. I don't know if that would work, but I'd think in terms of which flavor component(s) you want to emphasize and then find something that will balance it. Again, this is general and I may be preaching to the choir, but that's all I could come up with!
SeaJambon July 27, 2012
Oh, and do try it hot -- see if that makes a difference. It may.
SeaJambon July 27, 2012
It strikes me that you have a number of tart inputs with the dill, lemon and yogurt, and it is possible the beets just weren't strong enough to overcome (in my experience, yellows sometimes are milder than red and even the reds can have quite a range of flavor). First try adding a little sugar -- but not so much that you are going for a true sweet result, just enough to boost the beet flavor (a Tablespoon of sugar is my mother's "secret ingredient" to awesome spaghetti sauce -- it overcomes some of the natural bitterness that tomatoes can have). See if that helps. Otherwise, just know that this is part of kitchen zen -- sometimes things just don't work out and you are never certain why. Overall though, IMHO, it is worth it to keep trying and experimenting. :)
HalfPint July 27, 2012
Maybe you can add some sugar and turn it into popsicles or a granita.
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