Grains of Paradise

I feel that even if I ordered $2 million from "My Spice Sage" or other online sources, the shipping/handling would still be about $300 thousand. But they were kind enough to send me 4 oz. of Grains of Paradise as their way of saying "Thanks for letting us rip you off on the shipping."

What's the best way to use this unusual (to me) seed?



SKK August 12, 2012
Someone mentioned Alton Brown - he has an amazing apple pie recipe using Grains of Paradise. My nephew the chef is the one who told me about it, baked it and left me on the trail for this amazing seasoning.
bugbitten August 12, 2012
I confess that I haven't ordered on line in at least a year, so perhaps things have changed. I tried out the Grains on an otherwise ordinary lobster salad and the flavors brought a smile to my face, I must say.
susan G. August 12, 2012
I just looked at their website, and they say the shipping is free in the US. Did they renege? or do you, as your wonderful picture implies, live on Venus? (Sorry, couldn't resist! but out of country you are at the vendor's mercy for shipping costs -- which really are high now.)
susan G. August 12, 2012
When I got them, I thought they could be used whole, but it seems to be best to grind them for cooking. I see mention of them in beer formulas -- home brewing in the picture?
jmburns August 12, 2012
I feel your pain on shipping charges. I joined Amazon Prime program and get 2 day free shipping on eligible items and vendors. There some other benefits but I order books often and other items that I easily save money over the year. They have spices also.
Bill F. August 12, 2012
Not a more noted or traditional use but I like to put them in a spice grinder and mix with equal parts salt an dust any type of beef. It's great on pan-seared filet.
SKK August 12, 2012
Amanda Hesser wrote a great article about this amazing spice and its history

ChefOno August 12, 2012

Basically anywhere you'd use black pepper but it's best where it has a chance to stand out: Salads, spice cookies or cake, fish (with lemon), eggs, vegetables. Which reminds me, Alton Brown has an Okra and tomato recipe I've been meaning to try out…

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