The best way to store spices

I noticed an article on how long to keep spices....but I could not find any link on the best way to store spices.



arielcooks February 4, 2019
Away from light and heat (over ~ 80 degrees), sealed well.
Hana A. January 30, 2019
Hi there! Thanks for reading. Please take a look at this post for the best way to store your spices: - good luck!
Happygoin January 29, 2019
I also keep them in a dark, cool pantry. Since my pantry is very small, I keep the spices on a Lazy Susan, always with the labels facing so I can grab them quickly.
Patricia B. January 29, 2019
I have always kept mine in a dark cabinet. I try to keep them alphabetical so they are easy to find.
Wendy January 29, 2019
I have always found keeping spices and herbs in a dark and cool place is best. If you keep them in a drawer or cabinet, you can use glass containers but if you keep them on a counter, they should be stored in tin or stainless containers so light can not affect them. Also, do not keep them near your stove or other electric appliances as this will shorten their shelf life. Whole spices have longer shelf life than ground, so if you do not use much of a certain spice, you should purchase it whole and grind it in a mortar when you are ready to use, for example: coriander seeds rather than ground coriander, or thyme leaves rather than ground thyme.
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