A question about a recipe: Raspberry Acetosa Mojito

I have a question about the ingredient "soda water" on the recipe "Raspberry Acetosa Mojito" from Emiko. What constitutes soda water; is it club soda, seltzer water, or something like 7-Up??

Raspberry Acetosa Mojito
Recipe question for: Raspberry Acetosa Mojito


Emiko August 16, 2012
Hi, thanks for your question about my recipe! I can concur with what the others have already said perfectly - soda water is carbonated water - more or less the same thing as club soda, seltzer, sparkling water.... don't use 7-up or anything that has sugar added to it though!
Sam1148 August 13, 2012
The terms are used interchangeably. In the case of the question, club soda, seltzer water would be what you want.

In classical terms, soda water is pure water carbonated. While seltzer water can sometimes have a touch of sodium, calcium, or bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in the process..to soften the water. Much like the diffrence between 'filtered water' and mineral water. And then there's also sparkling mineral water--which is normally naturally carbonated from the source like Perrier (although they pump the carbonation)...or Pellagrino, which is the same story.

I have a soda stream that makes carbonated water..an excellent device.
I'll sometimes add a touch of baking soda, a few grains of salt, or potassium chloride (salt substitute) to the water..which smooths out the water. Our tap water is naturally high in calcium so that mix is more 'mineral water/seltzer'......a very, very, minor point.
Club, or Seltzer would be fine for your application.

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Quinciferous August 13, 2012
Soda water is unflavored, unsweetened carbonated water. Club soda or completely unflavored/unsweetened seltzer would be perfect. 7-Up would be way too sweet.
Ophelia August 13, 2012
The ingredients should read something along the lines of "water, carbonation".
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