What is Prepared raspberry beverage?

I have a recipe that looks delicious for raspberry Bavarian cake. It doesn't seem overly difficult but the ingredients call for prepared raspberry beverage with no indication of what it actually is (all I know is I have to add gelatin to it). Any ideas? Is it juice? Alcohol? Syrup? The book calls for juice and syrup and liqueur in other recipes so I'm just confused on the terms.

Stephanie Campbell


BerryBaby January 29, 2017
I would buy canned raspberries and use the juice.
Exbruxelles January 28, 2017
What is "Prepared raspberry beverage?" Probably Kool Aid and probably yucky.
Nancy January 26, 2017
No answer, but searching suggestions.
This may sound obvious, but sometimes books have sections on the pantry required by their cooking. If so, maybe it's in there.
Another suggestion, if the cookbook is all one cuisine (German, or desserts), look for that ingredient in another cookbook or website.
Last, look for another similar recipe for the same thing and see if that recipe author uses the same ingredient and explains it.
Nancy January 27, 2017
Maybe consider getting another recipe. Looked around and saw many using whole raspberries, pure fruit juice and maybe some gelatin. See Julia Child's recipe, for example.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 26, 2017
Just a guess but maybe powered raspberry like crystal light if its packets or tablespoons or a bottled variety like apple juice or cranberry juice in a plastic container if it indicated cups.
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