Raspberry Pie in ... December?!

Hello! For reasons I have no control over, I have been commissioned to bake raspberry pie. Yes, in December, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Now, I was considering making a raspberries-suspended-in-custard pie (such as the tempting recipe for Raspberry Swamp Pie on this website) but I'd like this to be immediately recognizable as a sort of classic fruit-filled pie.

However, I'm reluctant to just stuff a pie crust full of frozen raspberries, or to pay for a lot of out-of-season fresh berries. I'm thinking of maybe a chocolate or cream cheese layer, with plenty of raspberry filling on top to virtuously signal its identity? Does anyone have any creative ideas?

Aaand... no. This isn't for Thanksgiving (and thank goodness for that!)

  • Posted by: paczryk
  • November 21, 2017


Liz D. November 21, 2017
Chocolate cookie crust, dark chocolate filling with some Chambord in it, and a top layer of raspberries cooked with a bit of sugar and a little orange peel and a bit of cornstarch/tapioca starch to thicken it
Stephanie B. November 21, 2017
Would classic fruit tart work? Technically I guess it'd be filled with pastry cream, but you could top it with lots of fresh raspberries (and probably use less berries than if you cooked/baked them for filling a regular pie). It would still be decidedly summery though :/

Along the same lines, I think your chocolate pie/raspberry idea (again either fresh or cooked berries) sounds good. I'm not sure how the cream cheese layer would look though, I'm probably missing something though and thinking of something like cheesecake.

But if you did want an classic, fruit filled pie I don't think there's a problem with using frozen berries - either way the fruit get cooked in regular pies!
paczryk November 22, 2017
Thanks! I saw some intriguing recipes for pies with fruit on top of a creme fraiche layer - along the lines of this one: https://smittenkitchen.com/2009/07/peach-and-creme-fraiche-pie/ and was wondering if it might work with frozen berries, or if it'd end up too runny.
Nancy November 21, 2017
Not exactly what you're looking for, but since you already mentioned cream cheese, see if this fits the bill.
It's a great (unusual) cheesecake, with a savory hit of blue cheese. Topping in original is a rhubarb-port compote, which you could replace with a raspberry compote (spiked with orange or almond liqueur).
702551 November 21, 2017
My first choice if I were in your situation would be to go with high-quality frozen berries for the filling. It will get cooked anyhow.

If you are so inclined, you might do a test pie in advance.
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